About us

d7 enterprises Ltd was formed in April 1995 in Ealing, West London.   In 2004 we relocated to Cornwall.

We specialise in development work, all projects from a couple of hours work to large projects spanning several years.  From a small blog or help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to a full eCommerce solution.

We offer bespoke support and development options.

Most of our work comes from recommendations, word of mouth and repeat customers. We specialise in flexible solutions to give you the information where you need it in a format which makes sense to your business.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of computing having worked with the earliest PCs, through minis, mainframes, computer centres.  We have extensive software experience including

  • platforms - including Drupal (from 4.6 to present), WordPress, Cold Fusion (pre and post Adobe), .NET, Focus
  • databases - including Oracle, SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Dataflex)
  • web servers - including IIS, Apache
  • languages - including PHP, C, ASP, Javascript, Perl, Pascal, Basic, even Fortran and Cobol)
  • internet - DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MX records, SEO, RSS
  • eCommerce - Ubercart, Drupal Commerce; Settlements including WorldPay, PayPal, Bitcoin, Sage
  • Microsoft Office products including extensive Microsoft Excel
  • email software -
    • client (Outlook, Eudora, Opera etc) both POP and IMAP
    • server (SmarterMail, iMail, Exchange)
  • other - such as Twitter, Facebook, Publisher, Sage, VMS, LEX11

So whatever your problem is - there's an excellent chance we've seen it and fixed it before!